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Coin Peek interface showing the current price of Ethereum, it's relative change in the last 24 hours, it's all time high, marketcap, and a historical price graph.

Coin Peek lets you browse every crypto currency on the market, to see it's price, market cap, relative change, and much more.

Super fast

A super fast search experience, smooth history scrolling, and quick "coin-hopping".

No signup

No login or signup is required. Just open the app and start roaming around.

Dark mode

Coin Peek ships with light mode and dark mode, so you can explore even at night.

Search any crypto currency

Coin Peek lets you search between every single crypto currency available on the market. From small alt-coins to stablecoins, and large and popular cryptocurrencies.

Searching for Solana
A graph over the past 24 hours with hourly prices.

Scroll the timeline

With Coin Peek you can easily scrub through the price history for each and every crypto currency with extremely fine precision.

Get useful insights

Coin Peek gives you useful information like the currencies' current price, relative change, all-time high, and marketcap, right at a glance.

Showing current price and relative change for the Chainlink currency.

Dark mode / Light mode

Coin Peek dar mode interfaceCoin Peek light mode interface
Coin Peek iconMacbook Pro with Coin Peek in the center
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